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“My Five Senses”

“My Five Senses”

by Aliki

Here are some more books written and illustrated by Aliki:

“Push Button”

“Quiet in the Garden”

“A Play’s the Thing”

“Ah, Music”

“Wild and Woolly Mammoths”

2nd Grade

“American Bison”

“American Bison”

by Steve Potts

Did you know bison are good swimmers? Find out more about the American Bison at http://www.bronxzoo.com/animals-and-exhibits/animals/mammals/bison.aspx

1st Grade

“Flying Feet”

“Flying Feet”

by Patricia Reilly Giff

“Flying Feet” is the third book in the “Zigzag Kids” series. Here are some more titles from the series.

“The Number-One Kid”

“The Big Whopper”

“Star Time”

“Bears Beware”

“Super Surprise”

“Sky High”

“Zigzag Zoom”

3rd Grade

“Great Migrations: Amazing Animal Journeys”

“Great Migrations: Amazing Animal Journeys”

by Laura F. Marsh

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